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Lip Augmentation is used to improve the appearance of thin, aged or asymmetrical lips. The treatment provides the faultless solution to achieving a naturally seductive and desirable pout.

How do you do it?
Injectable lip augmentation is a procedure involving the strategic injection of dermal fillers into parts of the lips and surrounding areas to enhance, shape, or add volume to the lips and reduce surrounding wrinkles.
It is important your lips suit your face therefore time will be taken to discuss your needs, what you would like to achieve and personal preferences at your free, no obligation consultation.

lip augmentation london


Chin Enhancement injections are perfect for customers that feel they have a disproportionately small chin compared to the rest of the features of their face. A chin enhancement treatment can be used to lengthen the area generating perfect balance and proportion. It can also move the chin outwards or downwards to create the flawless side profile ratio between the nose, lips and chin. Dermal fillers in the chin can also be used to fill lines or folds making the appearance of the chin more aesthetically pleasing.


Fuller cheeks have always been linked with youth and beauty, as we age the configuration and structure of our cheeks alter and we begin to see less defined cheeks and cheeks with less size. Some clients opt for cheek fillers to add volume to a young face where they require a higher cheekbone and some cheek enhancement clients have lost volume in their face due to weight loss.
Some clients may prefer a natural look whereas others may seek a full or high defined cheekbone, whatever your preference Jay will guide your decision, making sure that your choice will suit your face, she will also ensure that you are happy with your final result.
Cheek Augmentation can help with many issues for example:

  • Replenish lost volume
  • Restore a youthful curve to the cheek
  • Create high firm cheekbones
  • Provide a softer more natural way of lifting lines around the mouth


An old-style surgical nose job or rhinoplasty is a hugely desired cosmetic procedure, but many patients endure highly apprehensive of the potential complications and the risk of an unfavorable end result.
Many of F.A Aesthetic clients also explain that a surgical nose job is out of their financial budget.
There are many approaches that are used to improve and reshape the nose, one of them is a non surgical rhinoplasty.
The process is relatively painless and a particularly safe, non-invasive alternative to a conventional nose job, the treatment includes dermal filler injections to reshape the client’s nose.
At F.A. Aesthetics London only uses dermal fillers that are highly reliable and renowned for nose treatments. These fillers are extremely safe, non-allergic and approved by the FDA.
This is an exceptional, safe and cost effective way to change the shape of the nose without the need of surgery. The results are visible immediately with little recovery time and last for a period of 6-12 months.


Some people can have a sagging jawline which can be a sign of ageing. Others may genetically have an under formed or weak jawline which can have an impact on their confidence. Dermal filler can be used to stiffen the skin on a jawline and define the chin and jowl area, decreasing the weakness and also giving a face lift effect by improving definition.


Marionette lines are wrinkle lines or skin wrinkles that run from the corner of the mouth towards the chin bone. When these lines are obvious, they give an unhappy appearance to the face.
What causes Marionette lines?

  • Extreme exposure to sunlight.
  • Age-related drooping of the facial muscles.
  • Smoking.
  • Genetics.

What is the best treatment for Marionette lines?
The most common, safest, and cost effective treatment for Marionette lines is the use of dermal fillers.
Smoker’s lines (Lines around mouth)
>What are smoker’s lines?
They are vertical lines that occur around the mouth. These lines are more pronounced and appear sooner in smokers, but with age most people will notice these lines appearing around the mouth.
What can cause smoker’s lines?

  • Smoking.
  • Age linked loss of skin elasticity and skin volume.

What is the best treatment option for smoker’s lines?
The best management option is dermal fillers, which can deliver instant results that typically last a long time.


They are skin folds or wrinkle lines that run from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
What are the reasons of Nasolabial lines?

  • Extreme exposure to sunlight/UV.
  • Age-related sagging of the fat pad in the cheek.
  • Smoking.

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